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The Leadership Reaction Course (LRC).

The LRC is our signature event and unless you are former military, you probably do not know what it is or how it works. The LRC is a course with 12-16 obstacles that are replicas of actual war-time situations that required our military to think "outside of the box" and to work together as a team to either escape from enemy forces or accomplish a mission critical to the war effort.


For each obstacle a scenario is read to the participants and a mission given. There are usually boards, ropes, pipes and other items at the obstacles that can be used to accomplish the mission. There are also ammo boxes, water cans, barrels, carts and other items that must be taken on the mission and delivered to friendly forces. Below is a typical scenario:


TASK #5 (500 points)

Instructions – The Bridge of No Return  




  • Your mission is to resupply the 1st recon platoon with fuel quickly so they can continue with their mission toward enemy lines.


  • Motorized enemy patrols have been observed passing every 45 minutes. These patrols are trying to disrupt supply lines by destroying bridges and attacking anyone they come across.


  • All members must cross the river at the blown bridge site and the 55 gallon drum of fuel must be carefully rolled or it may explode. Once drum is secure all members must return to original side and take all equipment and cover up any evidence they were there.


  • You cannot fall, step or drop anything within the sandbag perimeter. The gorge is deep and the river below is rapid. The banks are littered with anti-personnel mines.


  • There is a piece of rope and 2 planks in the area that may help you accomplish your mission.


  • You should begin your mission now.




  • Do not run or jump at any point during this exercise.


  • Do not carry the drum across the river


  • Care should be taken if tying the boards together. The strength of the knot should be tested prior to crossing.




  • Always plan first before you act


  • The strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each individual member is the team.



How Does the Leadereship Reaction Course Work

LRC Explained


    Board                   2             4” by 12” by 10’     

    Rope                    1              2” by 8’

    Drum                   1              55 gallon

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